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Trinity Wellness offers several modalities and treatments aimed at awakening your body’s innate healing abilities. Choose one of the treatments listed below or contact us to customize a treatment for your needs.

Appointments available
8am to 8pm daily
Out Call Services
Over land or snow!
Have portable massage table and chair, will travel... even to your snowbound cabin or vacation rental.

Off-site/Special Event 
Chair Massage
Chair massage provides the same therapeutic benefits of table massage without the need for discretion.  Hire us for your corporate retreat, sporting event, or treat your employees to some in-office indulgence. Productivity sure to increase!

Gift Certificates
The gift of good health is always fitting! Wrap up something special for a special someone.

Crystal Healing
Used throughout the ages across many cultures, crystal healing can be a very powerful healing tool alone or in accordance with other treatments.

Cancellation Policy
If necessary to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please provide at least 12 hours notice.

Trinity Wellness reserves the right to charge your credit card the full session amount for missed appointments.

Spa Services:
Deep Tissue
La Stone
Lymphatic Drainage
Skin Care & Anti-Aging Reiki Chakra Balancing Inflammation Reduction Weight Loss Sports Massage Myofascial Release Wellness Coaching

Trinity Wellness Treatments:
 Touch of Trinity
60 minutes/$75
90 minutes/$110
Allow the stresses of daily life to slip away with a combination of Swedish strokes, Reiki and stretching. Light to medium pressure serves to create deep relaxation as well as increase circulation to tired muscles and joints.

 Stone Therapy 
60 minutes/$95
90 minutes/$145
Warm and moisturize the body when aromatherapy meets hot and cold stones. Combining the heat and cold opens the pores for detoxification, balances temperature, releases tension, and reduces toxins and the build up of lactic acid deep in the muscle belly. Basalt and Sardonyx stones create a deep relaxation throughout the entire body. The ancient stones are placed along chakras and used while massaging the body.

Total Tension Release
60 minutes/$85
90 minutes/$130
Get directly to the source of tension and work through the many layers of stress. Medium to deep pressure is applied using a variety of techniques to adhesions and scar tissue in muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Use this treatment to allow the whole body to move back into alignment.

Mind-Body-Soul Connection
60 minutes/$70
90 minutes/$110
A rhythmic and gentle massage which calms and restores the lymphatic system. Heal deep within, clear the sinuses, reduce swelling, stimulate immune function and renew your natural flow of lymph and circulation. With extremely light and slow pressure this technique will decrease pain and swelling in joints, relax muscles and reduce unwanted toxins in the body.

Pure Serenity
120 minutes/$175
Ground the mind, lift the spirit and replenish the body during this wonderful two hour deep tissue massage experience. Restore vitality, soften the muscles, revitalize the nervous system and release everyday stress by enhancing freedom of movement deep within.

Maternal Goddess
60 minutes/$80
90 minutes/$120
Enjoy the miracle of being with child using massage therapy. Feel the benefits of therapeutic touch during this sacred time. Reduce nausea, mood swings, and alleviate back pain and muscle tension. The session will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, rejuvenated and pampered from head to toe.

Reiki Rejuvenation
60 minutes/$65
90 minutes/$100
Specific sequences focused along the energy meridians and chakras. Reiki is a powerful ancient healing practice that calms emotional, mental and physical fatigue and replenishes the body's natural energy. This work is extremely profound and is helpful for anyone dealing with depression, chronic illness, fatigue and pain.

 Back to Center
30 minutes/$45
60 minutes/$85
Tight Muscles in the neck, shoulders, back and chest can cause much discomfort. This treatment reduces chronic pain and increases circulation. A combination of Shiatsu, Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue massage lengthens shortened muscles and relieves pain in the upper body.

Left to Right 
30 minutes/$35
60 minutes/$70
Soften tension and cleanse throughout the entire body by activating points along the hands and the feet with reflexology. Circular movements and light finger pressure is applied, stimulating the joints, muscles, organs, and nerves.

 Zen Massage Facial 
60 minutes/$90 
Refresh and infuse your skin with top of the line Swedish anti aging products used during facial. Enjoy massage techniques for the face, neck and shoulders followed by a seven point chakra balancing. Fresh moisturized skin will leave you feeling renewed, hydrated and regenerated.

 Couples Massage
60 minutes/$180 
90 minutes/$280
A room for two! Create a memorable moment of peace and relaxation at the same time for couples or shared with a friend. This wonderfully unique experience of healing alongside another will leave both clients blissed out. Each client has his or her own therapist. Allow 48 hour notice to schedule

 Four Healing Hands
60 minutes/$190 
90 minutes/$290
Two therapists perform choreographed, rhythmic movements that induce deep relaxation. Therapists incorporate a full-body massage with reflexology, shiatsu, and a hypnotic scalp massage to create a sense of calm and wellbeing. Emerge renewed and serene. Allow 48-hour notice to schedule

Treatment Add Ons:
Crystal Healing
XX minutes/$XX 
15 minutes/$15 
30 minutes/$30
Used throughout the ages across many cultures, crystal healing can be a very powerful healing tool alone or in accordance with other treatments.

Essential Oils
30 minutes/$5 
60 minutes/$10
90 minutes/$15
Breathe deeply. Essential oils and oil blends that take you on a sensory journey that can instantly soothe, enliven, or balance both body and mind.
Pendulum Balancing & Universal Energy Conformation
15 minutes/$20 30 minutes/$40 45 minutes/$60
Find spiritual guidance with pendulum divination for personal healing, inner growth and physical healing. Use this valuable tool to check chakras, start deep internal healing process, and find conformation unanswered emotional and physical questions.
Make your whole person health a priority.
Contact Trinity Wellness today!

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