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About Us

As owner of Trinity Wellness, Lauren Phillips fully embodies what she terms the Trinity Lifestyle, one committed to mind-body-soul wellness... living and breathing the treatments, services, and products she offers. Lauren has experienced firsthand the transformation that massage, spa treatments and wellness supplements can spur and she is passionate about helping her clients experience the same.

Lauren sought a career in the healing arts after massage provided complete and lasting relief from the chronic migraines that plagued her as a teenager. Not only was her pain ended, but a feeling of well-being like she had never experienced clung to her for days, even weeks, post-treatment sessions. From the young age of 18, Lauren began to study. First Reiki, an ancient form of energy balancing and replenishment, then many more bodywork modalities and spa treatments.

 After four years of training and operating a massage practice, Lauren realized that it was time to turn her focus once again on herself. She deepened her personal commitment to wellness, rigorously reflecting upon her lifestyle and making the adjustments necessary to fully practice what she advised. Enter the Trinity Lifestyle.

 Not only does Lauren integrate regular bodywork into her routine, she is devoted to clean living: eating organic foods, taking vitamins and supplements, regular fitness and meditation, as well as eschewing mind-altering substances for a sober lifestyle. In the process, she has lost 40 pounds and gained a new level of health and wellness.

 Lauren was born and raised in the small Sierra Nevada village of Bear Valley and it is here that she chooses to build her practice. Not only does the area afford much in the way of outdoor recreation, she strongly believes that the environs hold unique therapeutic aspects that will one day make it a well-known healing destination.

 In the meantime, she is bringing her continued commitment toward personal health (yours and hers) and ongoing training and education to a new location in the Commercial Center of Bear Valley Village. “Because I am ‘Trinity Wellness,’” Lauren says, “I am able to help you revive, relax, replenish and become all that you wish and desire with your health.”

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