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   Healing services for the whole person...                         mind  body  soul  

Spa Services, Wellness Coaching, Unique Retail and Vitamins & Supplements

The Trinity Wellness Commitment:

Our treatments & products provide
lasting wellness for each client.

We are wired for well-being.
A universe unto itself, the human body
strives constantly for balance.

At Trinity Wellness, we understand that many aspects
of modern living constantly interrupt these efforts.

Through our services, we provide the dedicated time,
space, & treatments necessary for healing to occur.

We're here to help you tip the balance
from stress, pain, and general  un-wellness toward
whole person health & lasting wellness.


Therapeutic bodywork promotes mind-body-soul healing in a variety of ways:
  • improves circulation
  • strengthens immunity
  • increases range of motion
  • releases tension & muscular blockages
  • alleviates chronic pain
  • improves concentration
  • assuages anxiety
  • encourages parasympathetic domination (your body's relaxation response)
  • counteracts negative effects of stress.
  • It feels AMAZING!

among national forest and wilderness areas in the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountains, Trinity Wellness provides treatments for the whole person in a naturally healing location.

Our office is located along scenic Highway 4 in the Bear Valley Commercial Center in Bear Valley, California. Winter or summer, we are an epicenter of outdoor recreation and unfettered fun. Skiing Grizz on a powder day? Pedaling Carson Pass in the fall colors? Let Trinity Wellness be your next stop. We offer a variety of treatments and massage modalities that can be tailored to your needs.

Whether you are stealing an hour for yourself during a family vacation or choose to make our treatments an integral part of your health plan, Trinity Wellness is honored to play a role in your lasting wellness.

Bear Valley Commercial Center, Suite 20

PO Box 5163  Bear Valley, CA  95223

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